[This is my mug shot.]

I am a Professor in Geocomputation within the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (CSAP), School of Geography,  at the University of Leeds, UK where I am also deputy director of the Centre for Computational Geography (CCG).  I am a former Chair of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) GIS group,  but since August 2016 I am putting my highly tuned maths skills into practice by taking up the role of Treasurer.  I am also joint secretary of the Geocomputation Community, and the co-Chair of the 2017 Geocomputation conference that is being held in Leeds.

As well as being involved in several large research projects, I am actively involved in the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LiDA). I both develop and deliver teaching and training on a range of geo-spatial methods.  My teaching is closely linked to my research, current modules that I teach are Principles of GIS, Web-based GIS and Geocomputation.

My PhD was focused on development of agent-based models for a dynamic geographical system (retail).  My subsequent research has focused on the development of agent-based models in a variety of different application areas (education, health, crime, geographical economics and archaeology).  Along with Dr Andy Evans, I founded the Multi-Agent and Social Simulation (MASS) group, which has a strong and active membership at Leeds.

Whilst being a little retro, the title of this site reflects the fact that I work both with a variety of methods and applications.  While agent-based modelling comprises the mainstay of my research, I’ve also worked with GIS, microsimulation, spatial interaction models, neural networks and genetic algorithms – basically any geocomputational methods.