The Future of Geocomputation Workshop

Just returning from a workshop on Geocomputation at Kings College London.  The event was put together to bring researchers together from around the country to discuss the ‘future of Geocomputation’.  There were three keynotes (Chris Brundson, Alex Singleton and myself) each giving our different views on the future of Geocomputation.  Whilst we concentrated on different aspects (technology, in particular agent-based modelling for me, Bayesian approach called ABC for Chris and teaching of GIS for Alex), there was commonality in the areas that we felt future work was needed in such as data handling, visualisation, more engaging teaching methods and teaching programming to students.  For me, the future of Geocomputation is very much going to be shaped by developments in both agent-based modelling and big data.  Instead of developing agent frameworks (of which there are numerous – I did a head count of about 86), we should instead focus on tackling the thorny issues of identifying behaviour and processes in systems as well as calibration and validation.


This is something I will return to in a future post, but a copy of my slides can be found by clicking on Heppenstall.

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