Research Students

As well as the research council projects that I’m involved with, I’m lucky enough to be working with several research students on a variety of topics.

I am interested in supervising students interested in the development and application of any AI technique for simulating geographical systems.  However, at present, my interests are focused towards modelling behaviour in agent-based models.

K. Al-Ahmadi 2004 – 2007:      Cellular Automata and Fuzzy Logic for city development.  Now Head of Spatial Analysis at the King Abdullah University in Saudia Arabia.
N. Malleson 2006 – 2010:      Modelling burglary using agent-based models.  Now a Lecturer in GIS at the University of Leeds.
D. Olner 2006 – 2010:      Agent-based models of urban economics.  Now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield.
L. Burns 2009 – 2013:      Individual level geodemographics. Now a Teaching Fellow in Geography at the University of Leeds.
J. Ma 2011 – 2015:       Microsimulation of carbon scenario’s in Beijing (travel behaviour). Now a Lecturer in Applied Spatial Analysis at Beijing University.
S. Clark 2012 – 2015:      Using microsimulation to calculate future stresses on the UK health service. Now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leeds.
S. Picasco 2012 – present:      Agent-based models of gentrification
N. Alotaibi 2013 – present.       Advanced spatial analysis of MVT crime in Saudi Arabia
U. Al Guada 2015 – present.      Using community cohesion to link to crime analysis   
L. Xiang 2015 – present.       Socio-inequalities in the provision of education in Beijing